Kairos Benefit Specialists are your trusted resource for bridging the gap between what your health insurance covers and the financial risk to you and your family of an accident or illness. 

Lois Olag

Lois is an experienced benefits consultant working closely with individuals to develop customizable financial and insurance solutions. She is dedicated to providing a return on investment with attention to detail and discovery through open communication and a focus on what is most important to individuals. 

Aquilah “Q” Williams

Q is an experienced employee benefits consultant with 10+ years’ experience working closely with individuals to deliver affordable and unique solutions, building lasting relationships with policy holders. She thrives in a team environment and quick thinking having mastered the art of discovery in the insurance business.

Deanna Latimore

Deanna is a benefits professional with nearly a decade of experience assisting individuals in obtaining financial security and peace of mind for their time of need. Deanna works close with her clients to make sure they get exactly what they need and at a price that they can afford. Having personally experienced that same need herself in the past, you can be assured that Deanna understands how life can just “show up” and will help you be prepared when it does, too. 

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