are you prepared

for the unexpected?

63% of Americans don’t have $500 in savings* to cover an unexpected financial setback.

Is your family prepared? 

*BankRate, 2016

AVENEW HELPS you provide certainty for your family

in an uncertain world.

Working families need protection from financial risk, but with so many insurance companies spending millions on ad campaigns and cute giveaways to get your business – and providing massive incentives to “benefit specialists” for every policy sold – the average person just doesn’t know who to trust. Until now.


AveNew is watching out for you and your family. Co-founded by a worker advocate and an ex-insurance company executive who has spent decades reading the “fine print” in policies, we have created a suite of products that are undeniably the best available. And by eliminating the huge incentives to overselling and “churning,” we are confident that you will never be pushed into something that you don’t need or isn’t right for you and your family. 

"They say ‘the devil is in the details,’ and nowhere is this more true than with insurance policies. After a career on the big insurance carrier side, I know that many of the policies that look great on the surface contain poison pills in the fine print that are truly horrible for working families. At AveNew, we will never present a policy to you and your family without absolute certainty that it will protect you!"

- Rick Bender, Co-Founder, AveNew Solutions Insurance Services

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AveNew helps you provide certainty for your family in an uncertain world. Request a free risk assessment today!

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